983 - Cover Photo 01/31/2022

by Larry Lawhead

Cold Rush
Cold Rush
Contest Winning Photo

For 52 Week Challenge Week 4, the assignment was "Learn something new". A while back I got a polarizing and a Neutral Density filter for my camera, as a set with a circular polarizer and a skylight filter. As life evolved, I've never actually used the ND filter (ND8). So I broke it out today, and took took some photos. The ND filter allowed me to get good depth of field while getting some nice motion blur. Even with f/22, and 160ISO, and +8 ND filter, I could still only manage 1/3.5th second!

Camera: Fujifilm X-T4 Exposure: 0.2857 sec (10/35) Aperture: f/22.0 ISO Speed: 160 Focal Length: 55 mm (82.5mm equivalent)