986 - Cover Photo 01/10/2022

by Larry Lawhead

A bit of Blue, behind Bars...
A bit of Blue, behind Bars...
Contest Winning Photo

I was watching a youtube vide the other day from one of my favorite contributors (The Photographic Eye), and they were talking about the importance of experimenting, of "not worrying too much about all the technical jargon." I've occasionally talked about the concept that "the best camera is the one you have with you"... And I think there's a truth in it. But there's also something about limiting your gear to open your creativity. One of the sites I frequent periodically does a month long challenge of using just a 50mm (equivalent) lens, and no post processing. I always enjoy the challenge, and expand it to limit myself to B&W. The goal is to replicate the old days of 35mm film, and the basic lens. I shot primarily B&W back then, so I usually add that constraint. I really enjoy it, and it forces me to be creative from within. Similarly, sometimes I intentionally go out with just my iPhone. Quick and easy, wide angle lens, no frills, no technical fluff. It can be fun to wander around with just the phone and study the world for interesting things. This week's cover is an example. We had to run one of our dogs to the Vet, and only one of us could go in (because of COVID, ya know). So I wandered around the parking lot looking for inspiration. I found probably 1/2 dozen images I like, and this is one of them.

Apple iPhone 8, Exposure: 1/1567th sec, Aperture: f/1.8, ISO Speed: 20, Focal Length: 3.99 mm