987 - Cover Photo 01/03/2022

by Larry Lawhead

Last Colors
Last Colors
Contest Winning Photo

First cover of 2022 goes to this image, which was awarded a Finalist badge at the end of December (from the November Contest). My only Finalist for November, and no Winners. That's ok. Over the past 12 months I managed 6x 2nd place winners, and 18x Finalists. This was taken at Columbia Bottom Conservation Area, which is at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, a bit north of St. Louis. Great spot. This image is actually from 11/2018. I tried to get something similar this November, but the weather and the light and all didn't quite work out, so I went back to this one. It's the first time it has been posted here, though.

NIKON D3200; Shutter Speed: 10/3200; Aperture: f/8.0; ISO: 400