991 - Cover Photo 11/28/2021

by Larry Lawhead

Artist at Work
Artist at Work
Contest Winning Photo

This is the oldest photo of mine at the BetterPhoto (BP) site, and my first Finalist. Taken in March 2002, has been on the BP site since May 2003. My account at BP lapsed from 2009 till 2021, and most of the earlier photos were (predictably) purged. Most of the ones still there have some sort of badge. This is one of my nieces, taken at my mother's apartment. I'm pretty sure this was processed before I even discovered Photoshop Elements, probably processed with MGI Photosuite. My mom's been gone for years, my niece is grown up (and engaged). Taken with my Kodak DC210 compact digital, which was one of the first "affordable" digital cameras. A whopping 1MP!

Kodak DC210 Compact Digital EXIF Data not available.