994 - Cover Photo 11/07/2021

by Larry Lawhead

Temporaly Closed
Temporaly Closed
Contest Winning Photo

I enjoy photos showing decay, or the impermanance of mankind (or man's "stuff"). And I like to see and photography small moments of life, bits of happenstance discovered along the way. Last week I had to take a trip from St. Louis area to Columbus, Ohio area (for work). Along that drive I needed to stop for gas in Marshall, IL, and I noticed this sign in from of a closed fast food joint (Burger King?). I had to get closer and take a photo. I didn't even notice that the sigh says "Temporaly Closed" at the time... My brain automatically spellchecked ir to Temporarily. After further reflection, I rather hope it is supposed to say Temporally Closed. As in "in a way that relates to or involves time". Just seem fitting.

The best camera is the one you have with you. In this case, all I had was my iPhone 8.