995 - Cover Photo 11/01/2021

by Larry Lawhead

Contest Winning Photo

One of the photo sites I frequent ( does ongoing themes or challenge, which can be fun, and sometimes inspiring. This was is the Mundane challenge, the goal to try to think of interesting ways to shoot what may otherwise be rather boring objects. This round’s topic was “fork”. Quite a challenge, for me, at least. How to you take an interesting photo of a fork? And have at least a tiny bit of originality… I ended up trying several close ups, focusing on the tines, and shadows… Parallel lines in 2D, with curves… Anyway, I didn’t hate what I came up with. And Lo and Behold, it just won a 2nd Place badge at, in September’s Contest (in the “Man Made” category).

NIKON D3200: Exposure - 2 sec, Aperture - f/29.0, ISO - 100. Focal Length - 60 mm (90 mm equivalent)