997 - Cover Photo 10/17/2021:

by Larry Lawhead

Contest Winning Photo

Sometimes you find a nice spot when you don't really expect... We made a quick run over to my oldest daughter's place this week, to watch the grandkids play soccer. During the first game, I noticed a trail headed off into the trees, and convinced everyone to walk it with me between games. It was probably less than 1/4 mile, never really out of site of the fields, but I did find this cool log with turkey tail mushrooms.

Fujifilm X-T3 Exposure: 1/60th sec Aperture: /6.4 ISO Speed: 800 Focal Length: 141.3 mm (212mm equivalent) I only had my long zoom with me, no tripod, so I ended up sitting in the trail to get as steady as possible. I decided I liked a straight-on view that reduced the turkey tails to profile. I was careful to hold everything as steady as possible, the shutter speed & focal length combination was not ideal for handheld. I shot both color and B&W, in the end, color won out. Very little post-processing here. Slight crop, and a little bit of levels.