999 - Cover Photo 10/03/2021:

by Larry Lawhead

Town 'N' Country Liquors
Town 'N' Country Liquors
Contest Winning Photo

This is one of those spots that I've drive past countless times over many years. And often, the little voice in my head says "Stop! Take a photo!". But usually, I'm to busy, or too preoccupied, or the light's not right... or any number of excuses. Too often, the photo never gets done. My memory is littered with missed opportunities; buildings that are gone, landscapes that have changed, kids that have grown.... Anyway, I was out on a photo excursion recently, looking for inspiration for a project. I didn't have a plan, just trying to find something interesting for a month long challenge. It was nearing sunset, heavy overcast, dark and dreary, and not really "photogenic". As I passed by this spot, the little voice finally won over, and I turned the car and got closer. Just a couple of snaps and then off to other opportunities. This photo didn't end up being used for the project, because of the parameters (see below), but it is my favorite from the outing. I'm glad that this won't end up in the "missed opportunity" bucket.

Camera: Fujifilm X-T4; Exposure: 0.004 sec (1/250); Aperture: f/8.0; ISO Speed: 400; Focal Length: 32.9 mm (49.4mm equivalent) Aside: The project reference above was to shoot like the old film days, back when most of us amateur photographers had a 35mm film camera (SLR), and the basic 50mm lens. And your photos would be processed by an outside lab, so you had no tweaking after the shutter was pressed. In my case, I added a constraint of using (in camera) black and white, because many of my early photos were shot that way (Kodak Tri-X, baby!) This photo didn't meet the criteria for the challenge, because I decided to crop it slightly, and do a little bit of exposure correction (levels). In this case, I wanted to match my vision, not just fulfil the challenge.